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#006 Darrel Ray: Sex and God (How Religion Distorts Sexuality)

September 6, 2015

What is the impact of religion on human sexuality?

You see, growing up in the church, I was told all the dos and don'ts of sexuality for "Bible-believing" Christians. Yet, ironically, some of the preachers I'd listen to would contradict one another when it came to "how far" one can go sexually, both before and after marriage. And some would even commit the very "sins" they'd passionately condemn at the pulpit.

Why was there so much hypocrisy going on in the church?
And why were so many of my [natural] sexual desires considered "sinful" in the eyes of God?

In this episode, I have an honest chat with psychologist and author, Dr. Darrel Ray. And let me tell ya, we don't shy away from any topics here.

So put your kids to sleep (if you have any) ... and let's talk about sex, baby.


• Why are so many people afraid to talk about sex?
• How has religion shaped our culture and sexual development?
• How is religion often an excuse for bad behavior?
• What's the difference between guilt and shame?
• Why do even non-religious people struggle with guilt and shame when it comes to sexuality?
• Talk about masturbation for a bit. Are there any benefits to it?
• What are some ways parents can address the topic of sex to their kids?
• What have you discovered in your research about porn and porn addiction?
• What would you tell someone who's struggling with shame right now?


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